How To Choose Your Family Orthodontist

Importance of having a good dentition

healthy teethThere is no doubt, having a white, well-arranged set of teeth will definitely make you look good. Apart from that, pure white set of teeth also boosts your self-esteem and confidence. You will be able to smile, laugh, or even speak in public easily.

On the other hand, poor dentition will not only make you look not so good, you will also lack confidence to speak anywhere. The worst part is that you will try as much as possible not to smile and laugh in public. Why should you keep punishing yourself when you can go for Tyler Robison braces?

If you are a guy, ladies will be attracted to you and they will be too willing to kiss you when you have great set of white and “kissable” teeth. But if your dentition is not attractive, trust ladies, they will reel out excuses when you ask for a kiss. Even you, have you ever felt like kissing a lady with terrible dentition before?

It is also applicable to ladies too. You will be less attractive to guys if you don’t fix your dentition issue and getting Mesa AZ braces is one of the most effective and painless methods to fix your dental issues. Please don’t wait until your photographer tells you that you will look better in photographs with sealed lips. This is because people often look better when they smile or grin. Telling you that you look better with sealed lips is an euphemistic way of saying you should go and fix your dental irregularities.

Do you know how many photo-shoot contracts and movie contracts that you may have lost because of your bad set of teeth? Well, having a bed set of teeth may not be your choice but leaving it that way is definitely your choice. The earlier you get it fixed the better for you.

Choosing an orthodontist

There are so many orthodontists available right now but the quality of their treatment and their charges vary widely. The most challenging fact is that higher charges do not always lead to higher quality jobs. So, there are certain factors you must look for before choosing an orthodontist, if you want premium services at the lowest possible cost.

24-hour full service

dental servicesAn emergency situation like an accident can occur anytime and there will be a need for a very urgent attention. So, you need a dentist that is always available to you 24 hours a day. Imagine falling down face first on a Saturday evening and you call your dentist to help you fix your teeth when the irregularity is still fresh and he says there is nothing he can do until Monday morning. Waiting in pain till Monday morning? Chances are good that you will start looking for another dentist immediately. So the importance of 24-hour emergency service for a dentist cannot be over emphasized.


You also need to consider experience. Experience comes with a high level of experience so you can only get premium orthodontic services from a highly experienced dentist. This really implies that you should inquire about the experience of your prospective dentist before choosing him. Being in business for several years is a proof that you have been offering quality services. Nobody can remain in business for long with poor services or products. So you are better off with an experienced service.

The only problem is that experience does not come cheap. Premium service is not cheap. It may cost you relatively more. You should be able to balance experience with affordability. The best way to go about this is to consult several orthodontists before you select one. Of course, experienced orthodontists always offer free consultation.

Acceptance of insurance

While some dentists do not accept insurance, others do. So you should ask if a particular dentist accepts insurance. The reason you purchased a health insurance policy is for the funding of your treatment. So, why should you pay for your dental procedure when you have a policy in place? It is better to opt for a dentist that accepts insurance.

Payment flexibility

Payment flexibility is very important as it gives you and other patients convenience in your payment. Fortunately, most of the dentists that accept insurance usually offer a high level of flexibility in payment.

Availability of invisalign services

A lot of people often shy away from the use of braces because they feel it is not only obvious, it also makes them look awful. This is why there is invisalign aligner. An invisalign aligner is a transparent tooth aligner. It is very transparent and so it is much less conspicuous. In fact, people won’t know when you put it on. So, you might have to choose a dentist that offers this service too.

Why you should choose us

family dental planEven though a lot of people offer orthodontic services, we distinguish ourselves in several ways. Dr Tyler Robison, our lead orthodontist has several years’ experience and he is always ready to make use of his wealth of experience to offer you premium services all the time.

No matter your amount of experience, you can’t offer quality services with poor or obsolete tools. Dr Tyler Robison does not only offer a wealth of experience, he also makes use of the latest technology driven equipment for his treatments. You are free to check them out when you come for a free consultation.

Our dental clinic is licensed and we hire only the best hands. As mentioned earlier, we understand the importance of 24-hour emergency services and we offer it. So, you can call us anytime of the day and any day of the week and we will be too glad to be of help.

You can pay us through your insurance provider. Apart from that, we offer payment flexibility and convenience. Considering the quality of our services, you may think our services cost a fortune. Well, your thought is not out of place since quality does not come cheap. However, contrary to your thought, our charges are highly competitive. Dental procedures are not cheap but we don’t want you to pay through your nose either.

We let our services speak for us. So, you only need to give us a trial and you will be glad you did.